Other Language Services

Proof Reading Services

Upon its completion, a translation is revised by a second native speaker who will make any necessary amendments. It is a case of four eyes being better than two!

We can also proof-read and edit existing texts in line with your requirements, without the need of retranslating a document. Proof-reading a translation is vital to ensuring high standards of quality and improving readability for the target audience.

A surcharge will apply for this service – Contact us for more information on our proof reading services.

Voice-Over Services

We offer these services to provide a foreign language version of existing videos.

We will take care of the entire process, from booking the recording studio to the delivery of the finished product. Or, if you prefer, we can provide the services of a voice-over artist, who will always be a native speaker of the language required ensuring your finished video does not contain any 'strange' accents.

Contact us for more information on our voice-over serrvices.

Teaching Services

We can arrange individual or group lessons for anyone who wants to learn a foreign language for a current position or to improve their career opportunities.

Contact us for more information on our teaching services.

Language Consultancy Services

You can rely on CPS Language Services Ltd to provide information on a variety of language related matters, cultural differences, business environment, etc.

We can also assist you in organising multilingual conferences where the skills and knowledge of translators and interpreters are of the essence in ensuring the success of an event.

Contact us for more information on our language consultancy services.