Translation Services

CPS Language Services will help you succeed by offering fast, accurate and confidential translations.

Working in close cooperation with you, discussing your preferred terminology and sorting out any queries, we ensure that the final product is of the highest professional standard.

We only use qualified and experienced freelance translators who strictly work in their native languages. Confidentiality is a main feature of our service offering and our skilled translators are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to undertaking any translation work.

Our translations are carried out using Translation Memory Tools (e.g. Trados) to ensure consistency in the use of terminology.

Here are some of the subject areas we specialise in:

  • Commercial and Financial – Letters, corporate profiles, financial updates, annual reports, financial statements, prospectuses, presentations of financial instruments, insurance policies, human resources.
  • Legal – Contracts, witness statements, agreements, Memorandum and Articles of Association, tenders, terms and conditions, anti-bribery and privacy policies, code of conducts, court documentation, wills, insurance policies.
  • Public Relations & Marketing - Letters, brochures, newsletters, ads, websites, corporate presentations, slogans, employee internal communications, market research questionnaires.
  • IT, Computing and Telecommunications – Manuals, software strings, localisation, websites.
  • Technical & Patents – Manuals, drawings, wiring diagrams, data sheets, facts sheets, product sheets, guides.
  • Medical, Scientific and Pharmaceutical – Summary of product characteristics, package leaflets, medical marketing documentation, diagnostic kits, market research questionnaires, medical equipment and procedures, medical-legal reports, patient questionnaires.
  • EU matters and documents – Documentation for European agencies, reports.
  • Certificates and diplomas – Birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, degrees, personal documents, etc.
  • General – articles, press releases, leaflets, letters, etc.

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