Interpreting Services

We provide high quality interpreting services to suit your every need from product launches and business meetings, press conferences and presentations, official events and client visits to conferences, TV programmes, video-conferencing and court proceedings, in all major European languages.

Whether it’s a single interpreter for a business meeting or a complete team for multilingual conferences, our highly skilled interpreters are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to undertaking any interpreting service, ensuring complete confidentiality.

Interpreting Services

  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Whispering interpreting
  • Liaison interpreting
  • Business interpreting
  • Court and public service interpreting
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Live TV

Simultaneous interpreting equipment – CPS Language Services Ltd can advise on appropriate equipment for simultaneous interpretation and assist with planning, booking and installation.

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Which Type of Interpreting Services?

Simultaneous Interpreting – In simultaneous interpreting (also referred to as simultaneous translation), the simultaneous interpreter, sitting in a sound-proof booth, speaks into a microphone, while hearing the source-language speaker via headphones. Interpretation is rendered to the target-language listeners via their earphones. This requires high levels of concentration and for this reason simultaneous interpreters always work in pairs and will need to alternate every 20 to 30 minutes. Simultaneous interpretation is ideal for multilingual meetings, events with a large number of participants and for the broadcasting media.

Consecutive interpreting - In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker has finished speaking. The speech is divided into segments, up to approximately 15 minutes, and the interpreter sits or stands beside the speaker, listening and taking notes as the speaker progresses through the message. When the speaker pauses or finishes speaking, the interpreter then renders the message in the target language. Consecutive interpretation is suitable for meetings with fewer languages and participants or for formal occasions such as dinners, or when it is not possible to install technical equipment.

Whispering interpreting - In whispering interpreting (chuchotage), the interpreter sits or stands next to a small target-language audience requiring assistance (ideally no more than two to three people) whilst whispering a simultaneous interpretation of the matter to hand. This method requires no equipment, but may be done via a microphone and headphones if the participants prefer (portable infrared equipment). This technique is strenuous and tiring for listeners and it is only appropriate for small and short meetings and informal settings (e.g. factory visits, business meetings).